AcidRite Tablets

Pink colored pH down tablets for use with the AcidRite System. 99.97% Sodium Bisulfate. 3″ diameter tablet comes in a 45lb pail.

The AcidRite system is one of the safest pH down control systems on the market. These pucks have a minimal odor, no dust and don’t have to be mixed with water (outside of the AcidRite feeder that is!)



The new PoolLab® 1.0 is a single wavelength photometer for professional water analysis of pools and spas.

An in-built but changeable cuvette allows quick water sampling by just dipping in the IP67 waterproof PoolLab®.

PoolLab® with its 6 buttons is designed for instant access to the parameters installed, which are: pH, Chlorine (free/combined/total), Alkalinity (Acid Capacity), Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer). Active Oxygen (MPS), Bromine, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide.

As PoolLab® uses wireless Bluetooth 4.0 technology, it can easily be connected to free software and app for test result management.
Once test results are synchronized, software and app allow dosage recommendations, based on individually entered water treatment chemicals. User can print test result reports, perform index calculation, such as LSI, and much more.

A free cloud server takes care that data on app and software are constantly synchronized, if the user decides to use this feature.

PrimeLab 2.0

New and improved for 2021.  This next generation photometer has the capability for more than 140 different water testing parameters with only one machine. It has with a wide array of accuracy across 18 wavelengths (410 – 940 nm) from a single light source and an advanced multi-spectral sensor. The excellent accuracy of the sensor even allows self-calibration of the system at the press of a button. Standardised reference solutions are also available to confirm accuracy.

5.5’’ colour-touch-HD-display

pH/ORP Electrode Connection Option (connects to common pool chemical controller probes/sensors)

Rchargeable 8,400 mA Li-Io-battery

Bluetooth, WiFi and USB to directly communicate with the free LabCOM software, app and cloud

QR-scanning camera to recognise reagents

Enhanced admin setup via LabCOM allows remote validation of water quality parameters with a tafflic light system for warnings/promts on necessary chemical adjustments

Default reagents are stable long life tablets but liquid reagents can be substituted for faster testing

Taylor Counterlab

With its small footprint (18″ wide x 9″ deep), the Counterlab Rx 2™ (K-0206) is “just the prescription” for pools looking for an organized test station with minimal counter space. The powder-coated aluminum base houses everything you need to test your water. The Counterlab uses a highly accurate FAS-DPD titration test for chlorine up to 20 ppm without dilution. The combined chlorine is measured directly (no total chlorine test result required). Both the FAC & CAC tests can be done measured in 0.2 or 0.5 ppm test increments.

FAS-DPD Demo Video

Orbeco Portable Turbidimeter

The Orbeco TB200 turbidimeter offers highly accurate turbidity measurement in a portable hand held meter. Having a way of measuring water clarity is a great way to stay on top of water quality and see problems coming that can be prevented.

Clog Free

Clog Free reduces the maintenance and troubleshooting on chlorine & soda ash pumps.  It helps to dissolve alkaline deposits in the feed lines to keep your pumps running smooth.

Taylor 2000 Series

The Taylor 2005 & 2006 kits offer everything you need for daily water testing on pools and hot tubs with a color matching comparater block.

Taylor Professional Kit

The Taylor Professional is a simple and comprehensive slide comparator test kit.  For many years, this kit has been the choice of municipal and institutional aquatic operators.

ColorQ Test Kit

The new ColorQ 2X has replaced the Pro6/Pro7. This is an updated version of the same quick, easy to use and cost effective water test kit to meet the needs of basic day to day water testing.  The kit includes an easy to read digital meter, soft carrying case and start-up supply of test reagents (30 ml or 100 tablets). The ColorQ 2X uses the same liquid reagents and CYA tablet as the previous generation kits. The new tablet reagents for Alkalintiy and Calcium hardness are not compatible with previous generation kits.

Ask our sales team for our ColorQ test guide for information on testing errors, kit maintenance & reagent expiry. Replacement liquid reagents are also available in 60 ml sizes.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Protocol Cleaning Chemicals

The Protocol line of chemicals are our first choice when it comes to dealing with unsightly dirt, grime and scale build ups on decks, in change rooms and in pool basins. The Protocol line is EcoLogo certified and formulated from organic salt bases, so its safe to use!


LegioCid is sold as a pre-packaged kit that includes LegioCid A, B & C, and if used effectively, will eliminate contamination in filters, pipes and exposed surfaces in low-volume whirlpools (850 US Gallons/3,200 L or less)


DesoPur is a concentrated oxidizer that works with chlorine to clean filter media and treat contaminated low-volume, warm-water pools and whirlpools.

Foam Gone

Foam Gone is an effective de-foamer designed for use in whirlpools.  In some circumstances, the product is also effective in swimming pools.

Sodium Sulfite

Effective at lowering chlorine.

Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda)

Liquid sodium hydroxide raises the pH without increasing total alkalinity.

Spa Perfect

Spa Perfect is specifically formulated for hot water temperatures and is a patented natural enzyme and botanical extract formula that powerfully, yet gently biodegrades body oils, cosmetics, suntan oils, and other non-living organics. Used regularly, Spa Perfect reduces the formation of waterline scum rings.

Pool Perfect

Pool Perfect is a concentrated natural enzyme based formula that breaks down suntan oils, cosmetics, body oils, and other non-living organic contaminates in pool water. Used regularly, Pool Perfect will prevent the formation of waterline scum rings,

Clean & Perfect

Clean & Perfect is a unique and safe enzyme-based cleaning product that breaks down oils and greases on hard surfaces around pools & whirlpools.

Grime Away

Grime Away is a specially formulated blend of acids designed to solve the unique cleaning problems in and around pools & hot tubs. Removes grease, grime, dirt and scale from vinyl liners, tile, fiberglass and concrete pool surfaces.

Filter Flo

Filter Flo is a concentrated, granular cleaner designed for degreasing and descaling all types of pool/whirlpool filters. This product helps eliminate short filter runs, poor water quality, high chlorine demand and the potential for microbiological contamination.

HydroQuant Photometric Test Kit

The HydroQuant test kits by WAPOTEC are the most powerful portable test kits available to pool operators.  The HydroQuant 701 tests all 6 standard parameters plus chlorine dioxide (oxidizer) and aluminum (to ensure proper flocculation).    This kit is very accurate, and easy to use.  It can be easily cleaned & calibrated for a long service life.


Lectra Clean is a liquid product that is formulated to quickly dissolve scale, oils and organic debris from the blades of electrolytic salt water chlorinator cells.

Shock ‘N Soak

Shock ‘N Soak is an effective oxidizer for whirlpools and is specially formulated for hot water (38º-40ºC) conditions. When present in the water it will oxidize bather waste that would normally react with chlorine to create unhealthy and irritating combined chlorine.


LectraClor is a fine, granulated salt that is free of impurities & is compatible with swimming pool/hot tub water. LectraClor is used to increase sodium chloride (NaCl) in pools that have salt water chlorine generators. The inert salt is turned into chlorine for disinfection and back to salt after the process is complete.

For outdoor pools, see LectraClor Plus.

Calcium Hardness Increaser

Depending on your source water condition and other water saturation index values it may be necessary to raise the calcium hardness of your pool/hot tub water.

Calcium Chloride

Depending on your source water condition and other water saturation index values it may be necessary to raise the calcium hardness of your pool/hot tub water.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Maintaining pool/hot tub alkalinity at 100-120 mg/L (ppm) is an essential and often overlooked part of preventing water chemistry problems. Low alkalinity will contribute to corrosive water conditions and make it difficult to achieve a consistent pH.

Total Alkalinity Up

Maintaining pool/hot tub alkalinity at 100-120 mg/L (ppm) is an essential and often overlooked part of preventing water chemistry problems. Low alkalinity will contribute to corrosive water conditions and make it difficult to achieve a consistent pH.

Shock ‘N Swim

Shock ‘N Swim is an effective oxidizer for swimming pools and therapy/teach pools. When present in the water it will oxidize bather waste that would normally react with chlorine to create unhealthy and irritating combined chlorine.  When used regularly, Shock ‘N Swim will reduce chlorine demand and reduce consumption of chlorine & associated balancing products.

See our handout, “Combined Confusion” for more information on dealing with combined chlorine issues.

Hydrochloric Acid

Also known as muriatic acid, this product is highly corrosive and will lower the pH and total alkalinity of water.

Sodium Bisulphate

A safer alternative to using hydrochloric acid to lower pH.

pH Down

A safer alternative to using hydrochloric acid to lower pH. pH down is a dry acid (sodium bisulphate) that lowers the pH and total alkalinity of water.

Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash)

Sodium Carbonate or Soda Ash is commonly used to raise pH in swimming pools and whirlpools.


The use of a non-chlorine oxidizer is very important for enhancing water quality. Using chlorine alone results in the formation of unpleasant and unhealthy byproducts from the inefficient oxidation of bather waste in the water. HydroXan is a clean oxidizer that works with chlorine for an efficient oxidization treatment of swimming pool and whirlpool water.  The result is improved water and air quality for your patrons and staff, with a noticeable reduction in chlorine consumption.

Klear Floc

Klear Floc is a concentrated flocculent that improves filtration and reduces the organic contamination of the water. It accomplishes this by binding fine, suspended particles into larger masses that the filter can remove from the water.


A specialized blend of siliceous aluminate from natural clays in the Austrian Alps makes HydroSan our most powerful filtration-enhancing flocculent. The enhancing property of the clay was realized with the discovery of surprisingly pristine, clean water flowing out of a salt mine. HydroSan has been formulated to greatly enhance filtration in aquatic facilities.

Super Clear It

The same concentrated water clarifying properties as Clear It with the added capacity to break down oils and other impurities that are present in hot tubs/whirlpools.

Clear It

Clear It is a highly concentrated pool water clarifier that coagulates fine suspended solids that are normally too small to be trapped by the filter. It is effective with any type of filtration system, and if it is used regularly, Clear It will reduce chlorine demand and improve water clarity.

Accu-Tab® Tablets

These three inch diameter tablets are designed for use in Accu-Tab® erosion feeders.

Pulsar® Plus Briquettes

These pillow shaped briquettes are designed for use in Pulsar® brand erosion feeders.

Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is a liquid chlorine compound that can be effectively used for water purification. The product is 12% chlorine (bleach) when manufactured, and has a pH of 13.0.

Quick Dissolve Stabilizer

Quick Dissolve Stabilizer contains monosodium cyanurate monohydrate, a quick dissolve form of cyanuric acid. It is a unique technology that starts to dissolve instantly and begins working immediately to protect chlorine from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The neutral pH and concentrated formula make this a great alternative to traditional cyanuric acid.

Instant Pool Conditioner

Instant Pool Water Conditioner is an easy to use liquid stabilizer that prevents chlorine loss due to sunlight. Traditional granular CYA is very slow dissolving and acidic (pH of 2.8). The new conditioner is more neutral (pH of 8.0) and offers instant protection.


UV light from the sun will make quick work of the free chlorine in your outdoor pool water unless it is stabilized. Tabex Stabilizer is 100% isocyanuric acid (CYA), and when maintained at a level of 20-30 mg/L of water in an outdoor facility, it will effectively reduce chlorine consumption due to sunlight, while still allowing chlorine to be an effective disinfectant.

Ultra Pool Secure

Ultra Pool Secure is our most concentrated and fastest acting product for removing existing metal stains.

Spa Secure

Spa Secure has all the same powerful stain and scale prevention properties as Pool Secure but it is formulated to be more effective in hot water.

Pool Secure

Protect your pool basin and equipment from from metal staining and scale formation. Pool Secure is a sequestering agent that allows the water to hold onto more calcium to prevent the symptoms associated with hard water. It also prevents staining of pool surfaces that is caused by the oxidation of dissolved metals such as iron, copper and manganese.  For existing stain removal, see Ultra Pool Secure.  For warm water use, see Spa Secure.

Phosphate Test Kit

Excessive phosphates levels can contribute to recurring algae growth. Phosphates are introduced into pool water from soaps, outside contamination and deck/change room cleaning products. Test weekly or monthly to accuratly dose PhosFree.

PhosFree Commercial

Phosphate levels should be maintained under 500 ppb. Phosphates feed algae growth, excessive phosphates in pool water will lead to recurring algae growth issues. PHOSfree is a lanthanum floc. When added to your skimmer, a thin coating of PHOSfree forms on the filter media. As pool water flows through the filter, phosphates are reduced to very low levels.

Algysolve 60%

Algysolve 60% is a highly concentrated extra strength algae killer. It is a key part in our algae removal process.

Algysolve 2250

Algysolve 2250 is our high performance preventative algaecide.  Think of it as an insurance policy against time consuming and unslightly algae growth.

pH Up

pH Up effectively raises pH in swimming pool and whirlpool water. The chemical name of the product is Sodium Carbonate.

Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

Stabilized Chlorine Tablets are designed to be used in outdoor applications.  The Alberta Health Act prohibits the use of stabilized chlorine products in public/semi-public swimming pools.


Blast is an unstabilized granular chlorine.

Lithium Shock

This product is no longer available.  If you need a recommendation for an alternate chlorine shock,  please call our office.


Stabilized Granular Chlorine

Stabilized Chlorine Granules are designed to be used in outdoor applications.  The Alberta Health Act prohibits the use of stabilized chlorine products in public/semi-public swimming pools.

MTOL+ Inline Turbidity Meter

Inline turbidity measurement is a valuable tool for a pool operator to evaluate water clarity. Keeping track of the turbidity (NTU) value of your pool/hot tub water is important to evaluate the effectiveness of the overall treatment and operation of your water treatment system.

The HF Scientific MTOL+ has an easy to read back lit display, uses a simple calibration method and has a built in ultrasonic cleaner to keep it running without the need for frequent maintenance.


Parafos® is a multipurpose water treatment product, formulated from a unique blend of NSF® Tested and Certified ingredients. When added to water, Parafos® forms compounds and complexes with scale-forming minerals and metals, holding them in a clear, odorless, tasteless and safe solution. Parafos® effectively and economically alleviates the problems and costs related to scale, stains and corrosion.