VBlock Aquatic Spineboard

Constructed of 1/2″ marine grade polymer
Durable, weather-resistant plastic
Environmentally stabilized to resist harsh sun and sea conditions, including ultraviolet light
Hand-holds accommodate two to four rescuers
Aluminium runners provide strength and attached UHMW plastic skids enable the board to slide easily
PVC plastic end caps protect the ends of the board
Stainless steel screws and staples resist corrosion
Four sets of restraining straps included
The board comes equipped with one set of 6″ VBlocks head restraints
Velcro® strips at the head of the board secure the VBlocks head restraints
Replacement straps are available

Adult Board is 16″ wide
Child Board is 13.75″ wide
Bariatric Board is 24″ wide

Throw Bags

Rescue Can

Ideal for rugged environments, this model features plastic that has a higher impact resistance as well as a deluxe towline made from a softer, supple material that is highly visible due to it being yellow in color. It features textured plastic at all handle areas and an ergonomic design with streamline point.

Manufactured from high quality plastic, and red in color, it features textured plastic at all handle areas and an ergonomic design with streamline point.

Rescue Tube

This is a multi-functional product that can be used at water parks and for lake, beach or pool rescues. It can be used for towing a victim, supporting the rescuer, or handed to a victim for assistance. Made from molded EVA foam, our rescue tube features reinforced ends, polypropylene cord, a 2” shoulder strap equipped with a stainless steel snap hook, two stainless steel O-rings, and LIFEGUARD logo embossed in the foam on both sides. It is a vibrant yellow, therefore very visible and all of its features make for a very durable product.

Dimensions: 39″ long x 6″ wide x 3″ thick.

Diving Bricks

A 20 lb diving brick is required during qualifying and re-qualifying of National Lifeguard exams all over Canada. Our small diving brick is easy to pick up and carry. A 10 lb brick is also available.